As an undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh studying MA Fine Art & History, I believe that I am still progressing a personal artistic narration in which I experiment with differing subject matter. My passion for art married my desire to travel when I was granted an exchange at one of the top universities in Canada: The University of British Columbia. At the Vancouver campus I gained a first in all modules during my time there.

My university experience has demonstrated that the main focus emerging from each collection of work is nature. Whether this be through internal features of the human body, such as anatomical brains and hearts, or the portrayal of organic matter from leaves to natural foods.


Painting of body

The chosen medium of my work is predominantly ink and exploring the manipulation of it to discover its dynamic qualities; creating light and shade through varying pressure to reimagine existing forms. Despite having pursued other intermediate practises like sculpture and painting, I find myself consistently drawn back to ink to evoke a feeling of awe and intrigue in my audience. I aim to achieve an aesthetic consistency and draw the eye across a composition through breaking it into varying shapes and executing a monochromatic gradient, as if inviting observation and investigation of individual strokes.

Line drawing of a raspberry
Line drawing of a brain
Line drawing of a face


Omo shop
OMO young designer

I have been featured in OMO's Spring/Summer 2022 clothing collection, a brand that prides itself on operating sustainably and supporting Global's Make Some Noise that 'impacts small charities and help disadvantaged people across the United Kingdom.' This marked the launch of my art on Oxford Street in a wearable format. Having sold-out in London, my design celebrated the sustainable focus of the brand, and simply projected the image of nature through a monochromatic monstera leaf that resonated with their message and my artistic style.

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Ars Gratia Artis
Ars Gratia Artis

Charitable proceeds have also been raised through 'Ars Gratis Artis' (latin: the notion of art for art's sake), an exhibition organised and created by myself and my peer, Sophie Pywell. It launched on Dundas Street, at the heart of Edinburgh's New Town, and raised over £1,500 in just three days. Sponsored by local businesses, this raised money for Edinburgh Women's Aid to help them provide support for women experiencing difficulties and abuse.

During the event we hosted live musicians, creating a speakeasy for non-profit organisations and local creative collectives. Online awareness and further guest support from Headache Magazine, Eventbrite, The Edinburgh Guide and Art Mag, HappeningNext.com, AllEvents etc. increased the pull of Ars Gratia Artis, allowing the event to showcase selected artists from Edinburgh College of Art and Glasgow School of Art.

REN Skincare
REN Skincare

Consciousness for the environment has further featured in my practise history as I was awarded with sponsored products by REN Skincare, a global bodyworks company with sustainably-sourced formulas in zero-waste packaging, in 2019. This immense recognition is owed to the winning piece that included a black and white display on upcycled material, pushing the boundaries of my experimentation as a young artist.

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Framed Commissions
Tattoo art

My commission portfolio extends to include an album cover for example, working with an Italian death-metal band to make their medieval vision come to life for their upcoming album release. Furthermore, I have produced custom tattoo designs, exclusive drawings and intimate paintings for both personal requests and gifts etc. but always happy to consider a new challenge, get in touch below.


Find me on Instagram to follow my journey and see all my new projects & events. Prints are available to order upon request, and please do not hesitate to drop me an enquiry with regards to a commission too, I would love to work with you!